Carbon Ninja at WENERGY Expo 2024: Showcasing Innovation and Leading Discussions on Investment Opportunities

This May, Carbon Ninja proudly participated in the WENERGY Expo 2024, held in Izmir, Turkey—a beacon for renewable and clean energy technologies. From May 9-11, 2023, the expo gathered over 300 sectors, from cybersecurity to electric vehicles and charging technologies.

Leading the Dialogue: Our CEO Onur Gunduru as Conference Moderator

A highlight of our participation was the involvement of Onur Gunduru, CEO of Onur Enerji and a key member of our team at Carbon Ninja, who moderated a critical session on “Investment Opportunities in the Energy Sector”. The session, titled the ENSİA Special Session, featured prominent industry leaders including Huseyin Devrim of TEKSIS Advanced Technologies, Suleyman Majidli, CEO of ENERGAZER, and Yusuf Kilinc, Chairman of SEBKIDER and General Manager of ESBAŞ – Ege Free Zone Founder and Operator A.S.

Showcasing Our Platform at Our Dedicated Booth

At our dedicated booth, Carbon Ninja demonstrated our state-of-the-art energy management solutions. The platform drew significant attention, allowing us to engage deeply with potential clients and industry peers. Our presence offered a hands-on experience for visitors to see firsthand how Carbon Ninja supports sustainable practices and enhances energy efficiency.

Engaging with Global Energy Leaders and Valuable Leads

The expo facilitated fruitful business-to-business meetings, where we connected with suppliers, engineering firms, and leaders in e-mobility and logistics. The leads we gathered are set to expand our network and influence in the energy sector significantly.

A Milestone in Carbon Ninja’s Journey

Our participation in WENERGY Expo 2024 marked a significant milestone for Carbon Ninja. The insights shared by Onur and other industry experts during the conference provided valuable perspectives on investment trends and opportunities in the energy sector, enhancing the overall impact of our participation.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on our successful exhibit and the impactful conference session moderated by our CEO, we are inspired by the potential for future collaborations and the positive feedback received on Carbon Ninja. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of energy management and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to showcase our innovative solutions.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on how Carbon Ninja is leading the way in transforming the energy landscape and driving sustainability in the energy sector.

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