Fastest Way to Reduce Emissions!

Simplify energy management systems and reduce carbon emissions with Carbon.Ninja

Slash Carbon Emissions & Boost Energy Efficiency

Revolutionize Energy Management

It simplifies and amplifies the impact of ISO 50001 compliant EnMS

Reduce Footprint & Boost Efficiency

It simplifies and amplifies the impact of ISO 50001 compliant EnMS

Minimize Implementation Efforts

Streamline the process, saving time and resources

Unlock Collaboration Power

Foster collaboration between users, consultants, and AI to maximize impact

Unique Best Practices Meet AI

Embrace the ISO 50001 standard distilled from best practices all over the world and use AI to enhance your performance in analyzing data, discovering opportunities and tracking performance

More Performance

Discover Opportunities

Meet Goals Together

Track Performance

Best Practices

AI Tools

Numbers Speak

Energy performance for hundreds of facilities is managed efficiently by Carbon Ninja.

248.185.382 kWh

Managed Consumption

62.046.345 kWh

Potential Energy Savings

30.154,523 ton

CO2 Saving Opportunity


Check out some of the outstanding features of carbon Ninja

Energy Performance Indicators

Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) offer insights into energy use, enabling cost-effective and informed energy management for continuous improvement.

Energy Efficiency Opportunities

Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEOs) unlock substantial savings and environmental benefits. Identifying and prioritizing key opportunities maximizes ROI and promotes long-term sustainability.

Artificial Intelligence

AI enhances EnMS by ensuring model accuracy and relevance. It detects unusual spikes for quick correction and forecasts future energy needs, optimizing resource allocation.

Energy Baselines & Variables

Energy Baselines (EnBs) establish a benchmark for comparing current performance and tracking improvements. Essential for quantifying the effects of energy-saving measures.

EnMS Reporting

EnMS reporting is crucial for ISO compliance and certification. It enhances transparency and accountability, demonstrates EnMS effectiveness, and keeps stakeholders informed about sustainability efforts.

Team Collaboration

EnMS team collaboration leverages collective expertise to enhance ownership and engagement. Teams share best practices and identify issues, continuously improving EnMS performance.

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