Get Energy Efficient to Cut Costs & CO2 Emissions!

Carbon.Ninja is a software guided platform where businesses can create energy based carbon emission reduction projects.

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Contribute to the environment and climate

Energy efficiency allows businesses to save energy costs by better and efficient use of energy resources and reduce the emissions of energy-derived carbon equivalent greenhouse gases that led to the climate crisis.

Projects that turn into reality instead of complex excel spreadsheets

With Carbon.Ninja, you can evaluate the energy efficiency potential of your facilities and receive automatic reports and recommendations. You can implement these recommendations by projecting them with the support of experts. Carbon.Ninja is a platform that works with national and international clean energy funds.

Solution to the financing problem

Your Energy Efficiency Projects are evaluated by experts, and it helps you implement your projects with options such as incentives, grants, direct investment (ESCO), and affordable interest loans. All you have to do is join Carbon Ninja and add your business information.

Lower Your Energy Expenses and Reduce Your Carbon Emissions

As your equipment ages, as your operating methods change, as competitive conditions become tougher, your energy costs constantly increase and your energy-related carbon emissions increase. Carbon.Ninja is your gateway to energy efficiency, helping you accelerate your steps to improve your current situation.

Road to EnergyEfficiency

  • Self Self-Assessment
  • Automated Suggestions
  • Efficiency Calculation Tools
  • Consumption Breakdown
  • Inventory Tracking

  • Preliminary Energy Assessment
  • Site Visits & Observations
  • Basic Measurements
  • Assessment Report
  • Consultancy & Support

  • Detailed Energy Assessment
  • Site Visits & Observations
  • Detailed Measurements
  • Detailed Assessment Report
  • Consultancy & Support

  • Financial Planning
  • Investments & Funding
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Consultancy & Support


Track Every Energy Efficiency Opportunity

You can turn all kinds of energy efficiency projects into potential savings by monitoring them with the "Opportunity Tracker" tool.

You can save all efficiency opportunities in Carbon.Ninja's other calculation tools, and you can get support (detailed analysis, measurement and financing opportunities) by directing them to experts.

  • Self-Assesment Form

    It quickly identifies the energy efficiency problems in your business, shows which topics you should pay attention to, and you can get actionable insights with suggestions and reports.

  • Electrical Equipment Consumption Inventory

    You can use the inventory system to see the consumption of electrical devices you use in your business in a list, group them and make energy breakdown.

  • Consumption Tracking Tool

    It allows you to monitor the electricity consumption of your business on a monthly and annual basis. It shows the effect of seasonal temperature changes on your consumption with meteorological data.

  • Efficient Motor Calculator

    By simply entering the label information of your old electric motors, it shows how much you can save when you replace them with efficient motors and how much time it will pay back.

  • Inverter(VDS) Calculation Tool

    You can calculate how much you can save with inverter systems (variable speed drives) used to get more efficiency from your electric motors and reduce their consumption.

  • LED Conversion Calculator

    It allows you to calculate the savings you will get when you replace your old type lighting with new technology LEDs.


Free for early access

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Our Team

CARBON Ninja is the product of Onur Enerji's experts in the fields of energy, energy efficiency and software.

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